10 PCS 3M 8210VCN Protective Masks Dust Flu Multi Layer Industrial Mask

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A box contains 10pcs mask with seals and no individual packaging.

3M 8210V(8210VCN) head-mounted self-priming filter anti-particulate respirator

[Brand] 3M
[Name] Folding protective mask
[Model] 8210V(8210VCN)
[Basic Features] Adjustable nose clip, anti-fog and haze pm2.5, windproof sand
Product Features:
Anti-vehicle exhaust particulate matter
Prevent second-hand smoke particles

It can be used to protect certain non-oily particles. Please read the applicable scope of the product instruction manual. Examples: Dust (such as mineral dust, metal dust, fiber dust, grain dust or dust, etc.), solid smoke (such as welding smoke casting smoke or carbon black, etc.), microorganisms (such as pollen, spores, tuberculosis or mold, etc.) And some fog.


The product is 100% genuine. During product transportation, handling or squeezing may cause a certain degree of damage to the outer packaging. There will be no problems within the product, which will not affect the normal use of the product. After the order is placed, the product will be shipped quickly within 24 hours. Thank you for your understanding and wish you a happy life


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